Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As Alise is bringing some of the supper dishes to the bar for Monty she hears Tomas squeal and turns to see Tannr lifting him high in the air.

She laughs and moves to greet Tannr. “How are you? Where is Tori? I thought she was coming with you?”

Tannr grabs a foot and he and Tomas play their version of tug-o-war, Tomas trying to fly away. “She'll be here shortly. She got held up at the gallery and needed to finish up a few things. A clerk didnt show...”

“Oh, I see. Thats too bad. She works hard enough as it is...”

“I know she does. But the gallery is important to her...”

Tomas stops pulling and asks “Tante Tor?”

Oui Tomas. She will be here soon.”

Tomas sends to his mother, Can I stay up until she comes? Sil vous plait?

If its all right with your father...

Alise laughs as Tomas sends the question to his father.

Stoney smiles but is firm in his response. To bed as usual, but if she isnt here by then I will send her up to see you and say Good Night...

All right Papan...

“Can I ask you something?” Tannr asks hesitating a bit.

“Certainly, ask anything you like. Although that does not mean I have an answer for you.” Alise grins.

“How do you make this work? I mean, the family, you all seem so happy, but your husband is stone half the time, I mean...” Tannr sighs, “I know it isnt any of my business...”

Alsie smiles, “No, its fine. It works because we want it to." She grimaces. "I'm sorry, that sounds like an cop-out, doesn't it? It's not easy sometimes... but we love each other and family is important to us, so we work together to make it work. And in the end, love is all there is, and its worth it...”

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