Friday, June 10, 2011


Stoney runs his fingertips gently along her shoulder. The hammock has held up well since its repair, and the two of them swing gently, watching the children play. A smile curves her sweet lips, something he hasn't seen much of since the ghoul's... visit.

Tomas is playing a game of catch with Ramji. The Rider is tossing the ball to the young gargoyle. Each toss is higher and higher, yet Tomas' new wings help him make every catch.

The girls are running around, screaming at the top of their lungs. Laila is laughing, staying just out of their reach. When they do touch her, she stands statue still. When they little girls stomp their feet at her refusal to move, she is suddenly off and running again.


Alise turns her head slowly, a smile lighting her eyes. She touches his mind, showing him just how right she is feeling. Do you want to go tonight? Tomas is begging to show Chloe his wings. What do you want to do?

Her smile droops a little. Leaning against her husband, she sighs. Tomas makes another catch, nearly tumbling from the air. He catches himself and turns to show her that he is alright. Oui Chiot. Tomas is so proud. The girls are proud of him. Alright. We will go visit tonight.

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