Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I should go, just walk away and keep on walking. The dark figures’ shoulders slump. But she’d just find me, and then there’d be Lolth to pay….

He’s seen, more than once, the fate that awaits those who betray the demon-goddess, and a quick death is no part of it.

But there’s not much I can tell… we already knew that the gargoyle worked at this place, and so far as I can tell, there’s no security, no spells, no wards… nothing to keep us out if we choose to enter…Such news should cheer him, as it doubtless will the Priestess… So why do I feel like a traitor? 

Stalking the gargoyle has been, as the humans term it, “a piece of cake”, though he’s not certain what pastries have to do with keeping watch on someone… She’s alone most of the time, except when she goes to the drinking establishment, or when the big redhead stays the night… Still, there are the children she permits to stay on her various properties… they might prove to be a problem….

He shrugs. This is all too much for him. He’ll pass it on to the Priestess, and she can make whatever decision she pleases regarding the gar-girl….

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