Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The bike roars to a stop and Tannr shuts the engine off. He could hear Toris soft gasp of surprise and he smiled, glad he thought of asking his sister to borrow the bike for the evening. Getting off he takes Toris hand and helps her. “I didnt know if you liked to swim...”

“Yes, I do. I dont get many chances... Tannr, this is beautiful. This must be where Alise and Stoney like to come...”

Tannr nods, “I think so. Alise mentioned it as a place that was kind of away from it all....” He pauses, watching Tori kick off her shoes and pull her shirt off over her head. The sight of her half naked in the moonlight makes Tannr swallow hard.

“What are you waiting for Coppertop? Lets get in the water...”

“Go ahead, I'll be right there.” Tannr opens the saddlebags on the bike and takes out two large towels and a beach blanket. He turns when he hears the splash and after a minute sees Tori come up for air, laughing and calling to him. Quickly tossing his clothes in a pile he joins her. His muscular body cutting through the water with ease.

It doesnt take long for the water play to turn into something more serious and soon the pair are clinging to each other, bodies pressed tight. Tannr feels her shiver, partly from need and partly from the chill of being wet. Her nipples tighten and pucker under Tannrs hand and he moans. “Lets get out of the water....” taking a deep breath, “And get you dried off.” Tannr tends to forget that the cold affects people more than it does it him and apologizes.

“No, its fine. This is great, getting away from everything for a awhile...” Tori spreads the blanket out and they sit, cuddled together in their towels.

Kissing and laughing, suddenly Tori's expression is serious and she is quiet.

“Red, talk to me. Whats wrong?”

“Nothing... this is perfect...” Tori takes a deep breath, 'But are you sure about this?”

“About what? Us?”

Tori nods, the insecurities slowly fading the more time she spends with Tannr, but wanting him to be positive about their relationship. Not wanting to trust if he wasnt sure.

“Yes! Gods, yes. I dont know that I have ever been more positive about anything.” Tannr pulls her closer, nestling her between his legs, her head resting on his shoulder. He feels Fox left his head and peek around his back, curious about the redhead he senses his master cares about.

Tori smiles and holds out her fingers for Fox to sniff. “I think he is getting used to me.”

Nodding Tannr says, “He is more wary than the others. A fox's nature I suppose... He rarely even gets that close to people, except for Star...”

Fox gives Toris finger a lick and he settles down, once again a tattoo on Tannrs back.

Out of the blue Tori asks, “Will you ever have to go back to the Unformed Plane?”

Tilting her chin and looking in her eyes, Tannr says, “No, I dont have to. I'm not interested in anything at the UP. What I am interested in is right here in front of me....”

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