Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"I don't want to go back, not when I finally found you again." He touches her hair, tucking it back behind her ear. "But I have to... I know now that you didn't run. Alise told me the truth..." His own auburn mop lifts on an unfelt breeze. "I have to... They need to know about the ghouls."

She moves into his arms, The blue and green streaks in her hair glittering in the odd lighting. "I know Ronnie. It's not your time. Your friends are worried, you're out too long." She presses a hand to his chest, covering the beat of his heart. "I'm right here... Right where I ever was. Don't mourn me forever. You need to live life to its fullest. You never know when it will really end."

Ron holds her close, whispering into her ear that he loves her, always will. He kisses her dolphin earring, finding his lips touching nothing as her words of love drift to him from somewhere far away.


There is the slow sound of dripping, the sensation of wandering in a mist. But the terror of being lost and hunted is gone. He hears voices. Women's voices, the quiet sound of concern.

"You need a break... you work non-stop..."

He knows that voice. Alise. He struggles to follow her voice as she speaks. The other voice brings his attention to smells. Food... good food, not the scent he had lived with for the last... how long? Ron tries to open his eyes, but nothing happens. Panic sets in and he struggles against the lethargy. Finally, he manages to crack open his lids. He doesn't recognize the ceiling above him. Eyes opening wide, Ron stares around the room. His gaze settles on Alise and Rowan.

The redheaded healer grins at him. "Welcome back."

A worried look crosses his face. Alise watches him, wondering if he knows where he is. "Ron? Do you know where you are?"

The werefox looks around again. "Tavern...?"

Alise nods, moving to take his hand, but Ron clenches his hands tighter around the sheet at his waist. He slowly looks down, lifting the sheet mere inches. He snaps the sheet down, cheeks flaming bright red.

"Ron, what's wrong?" The women watch him with concern.

His voice is strangled, almost non-existent. "I'm naked..."

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