Friday, June 10, 2011

Roxi was sitting on a stool not far from the front door... a separate spot Jeb had set up for her so they could talk when he was not busy. They had put aside their "date" in the woods for now; waiting until some issues were resolved about who and what caused the attack in the forest involving Star's family.

The time had been good for them, Jeb had taken Roxi around town to pick up things to make her apartment homey and they had talked a lot; she was surprised how at home she was with Jeb and the others she worked with. They were fast becoming family... and perhaps more in the case of Jeb; she could no longer deny that when he dropped his arm around her shoulder she felt a jolt of electricity that made her loins clench. Tonight there seemed to be something different to the feel of the place; an aura of suspense??... she knew there was an eclipse coming; Jeb had told her that she would see him in all his inglorious bestial splendor then... he could not hold back the beast on such an occasion, and wanted her to know she might be drawn to shift herself... and it was okay to do it here. The tavern was prepping for a night to howl...

The musicians were changing for yet another surprising round of instrumental and vocal bliss... Roxi didn't know when she had been so enthralled by the power of music; this was truly a magical place... this humble tavern full of friends and companions.

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