Monday, June 20, 2011

Jeb decided now that he'd broken the ice with Roxi it was time to get used to each other on a daily basis and he decided since he usually ate breakfast alone mornings... and Roxi came for meals; it would be nice if they dined together. Nights he was on the door and couldn't have dinner with her, so this seemed a great quiet time for them.

"Monty, think you can whip up breakfast for two?... you know,melon and strawberries and all the frillies gals like with breakfast." Monty grinned... "Oh,you mean with the side of ham Roxi favors, and cappucino?" He grinned wickedly and said... "Coming right up, Jeb, why don't you take the table near the front window... Roxi likes to watch the activities outside."

Jeb sat with a cup of strong coffee and waited for Roxi; she was pretty punctual... there around 8 am, ready to work at Traegers by 9 am.

Roxi approached the tavern with a light step... still musing about last night's encounter with Jeb. She had been attracted to him, now she knew it could be something more for both of them.

Stepping in the door she turned to her favorite table; and found Jeb smiling at her... "Hello pretty lady, how about joining me for breakfast?" Roxi smiled and blushed a little as she sat opposite him. Monty appeared almost instantly with her cappucino and a vase with a pink rosebud... "Compliments of the gentleman". Roxi gave Jeb a soft thank you... and over her shoulder Jeb could see Monty wink, he'd used his magical powers to win Jeb points... he'd thank him later.

Breakfast was delicious; and they talked about how they came to be in Exton. Jeb opened up about his past... how he'd been hunting when he'd been attacked and became a werewolf... it was in early 1962, and he'd remained the same since then... no older, but much wiser as the years rolled by... using sheer will to train himself to hold back the wolf inside until he could safely release it... or use it at will when threats ensued. He told her he thought that explained his fondness for his 57 Chevy,and all things rock & roll.

Roxi laughed as he talked, enjoying his company... stopping briefly to greet Pandora and Chloe as they came down to eat, Chloe racing her dragon to the family table after a brief hello.

Pandora greeted them saying... "You must excuse us, nothing stands between Chloe and food when she's hungry"... and she walked slowly after her daughter, the weight of her pregnancy telling in her slower steps.

The couple watched after them; both musing a little about a time when they would be settled and have a family life. Roxi broke the brief silence... "Oh,gosh... its later than I thought, you'll have to hear my tale another time." Josh took her hand and squeezed it; "How about same time tomorrow?" Roxi realized he meant to join her every day, and it pleased her. "Okay, breakfast around 8 am?" She blushed as she picked up her rose vase and started to the door... "See you tonight, princess"... Jeb said softly as she reached the door... and on impulse he rose and quickly crossed the space between them... turning her and kissing her softly but intimately; before opening the door for her....

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