Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Star and Pike reach the small clearing not far from the cabin. She lets her senses guide her and moves to the large willow tree. She slowly parts the long thin branches and peers into the depths. She sees the Drow, sitting on the ground, obviously in a great deal of pain and trying to hide it once he looks up and sees Star.

“Milady...” Ghaunt tries to struggle to his feet.

Star rushes forward, “She beat you again? The last cuts are barely healed... Dont stand... please. Let me tend to your back...” Star slips the bag she was carrying off her shoulder and sets it on the ground.

“Milady, you are too kind. Please dont help me if it will cause you any trouble. I would not want your husband to punish you.”

Star smiles as she sets out her supplies, soft rags and cleansing solution and an ointment she made to soothe and stop the pain as well as aid in healing. “Erik would not punish me for this. He would understand if we explained...”

“NO! Please... I have placed you in danger with our friendship as it is. My mistress is... evil... beyond evil.... and your son would be a great prize for any Drow... It is best that no one even knows of my existence.”

“Pffiittt...” Star responds as she starts to gently wipe the injured skin of Ghaunts back. Her eyes fill with tears as she sees the old healed scars. So many of them crisscrossing his back that there was barely any unscarred skin visible. “My son is well guarded, all the time. Wish and Pike would kill any who dared to threaten him, as well as my husband and brother in law and the others sworn to us. Should I bring him next time so that you can meet him?”

“I would love to meet him and swear to him, but it is best that you do not bring him this far into the woods now. Please, promise me you will not, not until it is safe. But tell me of him... your stories help distract me from... this... and my life...”

Star smiles sadly, wishing there was more she could do for her friend. She knew Erik would yell at her for going so far into the woods after he told her not to. And Tannr would never understand, he hated and mistrusted the Drow from his dealings with them on the Unformed Plane. She sighs as she carefully smears the ointment over Ghaunts back. She tells him of the baby bunnies and their mother she rescued from Tannrs fox, and how Ru was fascinated with all the animals. She told him how Mera loved the doll Tannr had given her and she carried it everywhere with her and slept with her.

Gaunt sighs and lets Stars words take him to another place. Somewhere filled with laughter and light, where people loved and cared for each other. So unlike the place he was forced to call home. A place always dark and dank, where its peoples did nothing but fight and connive and plot to get ahead of one another. His thoughts were interrupted by Pikes approach.

“My Lady. We most go. There are Others near in the woods.”

Star nods and quickly packs up her things. She hands the jar of ointment to Ghaunt. “Is there somewhere you can hide it? Even here in the Willow, in case you need it before I can get back...”

Ghaunt nods, “It would be safe here, in the branches. I thank you for your kindness..”

Star smiles, whispers “Take care..” and disappears into the night with Pike.

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