Saturday, March 17, 2012

Once we get through the Gate, I feel exhaustion settle over me like a lead cloak. Time runs differently in Faerie, so I can't be sure how much time has passed in Exton, but it feels like two days at least. Three days is approaching the danger zone, both in terms of my need for rest and my thirst. I need to get home, feed and rest - in something approaching that order.

I fly on ahead while the elvensteeds shift into something less conspicuous and Raina mounts her bike. Maybe tomorrow night she can mount me... I grin tiredly as the Lodge comes in sight and I drop down for a landing.

My keys are in my hand before my feet touch ground. I unlock the place and leave the door open for the others while I make my way to my room-slash-grave. I open up the coffin and shrug my duster off and onto the coat hook mounted on the wall. I yawn mightily - hard habit to break - and then I feel eyes on me. I turn, my lips already shaping the words to summon Johnny - but it's only Ky, standing in the shadows, watching with a smile at the corner of her mouth.


"No, I just wanted to watch." She grins. "You have a nice body and I don't see as much of it as I'd like."

"Be my guest." I strip quickly, not trying to be sexy. I can feel the weariness dragging at me.... I open the dorm fridge in the corner and take out a bottle of beef blood, knock back two-thirds of it in two long gulps, then replace it. I can feel some of my strength return, but too little too late. I'll need to remember that for any future trips to Faerie.

I turn to look at Ky - and find her naked, watching me, her clothes in a puddle around her feet. I start to say something, but she steps into my arms and kisses me hard, her body welded to mine. Thank the gods I don't have to breathe....

Long moments later, she steps back. "Thanks. I just needed my Nick fix." She grins impishly. "Hope we can get together again soon, fang-face."

I smile. "I don't think you'll miss me tonight. I'm sure Gareth and Raina can make room for you."

"Oh yeah, we've already talked about that, and we're good... still, it'll be nice to have some time alone with you when we can swing it."

I cast a look back at the coffin. "I'm not running you out or anything, but I have to lie down soon or I'm gonna fall over."

"It's okay, I'm going... sleep tight, Nick."

"You, too, Ky." She gathers up her clothes and walks out, closing the door behind her, and I hear a giggle. "Eventually...."

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