Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jeb just couldn't settle down and sleep... he stood in the window looking down at Roxi sprawled in sleep in a most provocative way; they had made love and she fell into slumber nestled in his arms..but his mind was too busy to sleep.

Obsidian had been a caged lion pacing the tavern since they learned the Drow witch was scheming to steal a gargoyle child... he had sat with Jeb talking in some depth about added precautions they should take till they were sure any danger was past.

Jeb felt just as strongly as he did, the tavern folk were his family too..Chloe and Teri his little companions on and off when Pandora needed to do work alone; and Stoney and Alise's brood were just as familiar and precious.

Roxi moaned as she turned in her sleep and he stopped to watch her settle... he couldn't begin to understand how such a fiery little bit of girl had taken such control of his heart. He mused that perhaps her being alone in the world, as he was, had bonded them more tightly together... and ever since their first romp in the woods chasing down the deer they had shared another bond of the beast. Both acknowledged their animal side was important to them in being whole and alive... and they stole away quietly when they could to enjoy the release of running wild.

Now as he watched her sleep he felt protective; he had pretty much taken to staying with her every night at the apartment... it was their personal space where they could talk and cuddle at their leisure. Ob said he was close enough to be at the tavern in seconds if needed... and his werewolf instincts kept him tuned in to the vibes in the air around the tavern.

Ob's nightmare anger streak had put the hair on Jeb's neck up... he felt it just as heavily as the gars and Pandora had; but he also had experienced the dragon daemon in Ob before... and standing up to him trying to settle him would have led to a confrontation... and Pandora seemed to know just what she needed to do for her man.  So he had let things be, even though he sighed in the morning when Pandora had finally come down... she moved with some pain and he knew she had experienced more than she foresaw in calming Ob.  By evening when Ob appeared again; it was obvious he was the man in control again... but no less determined to fight the Drow witch as soon as the party returned from the Fae kingdom.

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