Sunday, March 11, 2012

Early morning, just before sunrise, Inari heads back to camp. She sees Nick starting the fire and knows that he is aware of her as nothing escapes the vampires keen senses.

“Morning Ambassador...”

“Good morning Nick. Is Ky still sleeping?”

Nick nods and points to their tent. Inari walks slowly to the tent, purposely making some noise with her approach. She knows Ky would awaken to half the sound but she doesnt want to interrupt anything. Suddenly Ky pokes her head out and grins at Inari.

“Why are you making so much noise?” Ky steps out of the tent pulling a shirt over her head as she moves. Inari waves her to the fire where Nick has started coffee brewing, the aroma causing a 'mmmmm' in appreciation from Ky.

Ky watches Inari as Nick gets mugs and pours coffee. There was something different, so subtle that few would notice, a softness almost, to her look and movements. Ky sighs quietly, knowing it must have to do with Torin. And knowing that as soon as the camp awoke and the sun came fully up Inari would be back to all business, the warrior replacing the woman. There was little room in the life she had chosen for softness or tenderness.

“Would you help me with my hair? Braid it for me like you used to...”

Startled out of her musing by the request Ky nods and gets a brush and comb from her tent. Nick leans back and watches the two women, aware of the friendship and closeness between the two. He smiles at the easy banter, seeing a different side of Inari than he had previously.

Ky had French braided the sides of Inaris hair bringing the smaller braids together in back making one long plait down her back. Inari sighs, “Thank you, this is much better...”

Knowing better than to argue with her Ky nods, “You're welcome...” the rest of sentence cut short by two demifae, flying fast and straight for Inari.

Imp bows in midair, “Ambassador, message from the human realm.”

Inari knew it was important or Imp would not bother her with it. He knew what Inari would let him deal with on his own.

Imp pulls Miko forward, “Tell her.”

Miko bows and relates all the small Fae from Underdark had told them.

Inari and Ky exchange a glance. Ky shakes her head, “I didnt think that bitch would give up easily... but to go after the kids... what the fuck....”

“Thank you Imp... and Miko. See that he has rested and has milk and honey. We will be leaving later today to escort this group back to the human realms.”

Ky wonders out loud. “What is that bitch's fascination with gargoyles?”

Inari shrugs, “Who knows. And there is little we can do now except watch and be prepared. Ardara only knows that gargoyle children exist, not where or who they belong to. I am sure they will be watching...The Drow have captured children from all the races for generations. I would imagine the fact they can fly captures her interest or its just the fact that no one else has one... I wonder if Star knows what she is getting into, taking children back from them... Which reminds me. Chiara and Ryan should be arriving shortly...”

“Oh? I didnt know you had sent for them...”

“I did. Yesterday, in fact. Since Tychus is here I thought they should meet. And if things appear agreeable she could speak with Alise and Star about teaching. And Ryan is overdue for a visit, so I thought to surprise Tomas.” Inari grins, knowing how close the two boys were.

Raina stumbles from the tent and follows the scent of coffee. She accepts a mug from Nick and smiles. “You're an angel..”

“Who? Me? Are you still asleep and dreaming?” Nick teases.

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