Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Oh yes, I agree. I fear even I would have been hard pressed to find a spot among the Unseelie for a Drow." The Dark Queen steps from the shadow of two close standing trees. Her eyes hold a sadness seldom seen by any but her closest guards. "Tis an exceptional man I never had the pleasure of meeting." She waggles her fingers at Ruarc, who smiles at her in return. "I hear tell that his name has become a rallying point for others of his Peoples."

Blowing a kiss to Ruarc, the Queen turns to Mera. "Welcome to Faery, little water child. When this sad occasion is over, perhaps your Father will bring you to see us at Court." She notices Keon's sudden stillness. and smiles. "Oh My Lord Blackthorn, your child has nothing to fear from me. She has a Destiny of her own, much like the Gargoyle children."

As the Queen moves to take Her place beside Titania, Mera tugs at her father's hand. "Da? You don't like Queen Mab?"

Keon smiles at his daughter. He stoops at her side and strokes a hand through her shining blue waves. "Once upon a time I liked the Queen very much. Almost as much as I feel for your mother."

Mera's eyes widen and she looks at the Queen of the Dark Court. "You love mama. Did you love the Queen?"

Keon's eyes follow Mera's. He takes in the erect spine, the dark curls in an elaborate style, and remembers hair tumbling about her bare breasts as he slowly kissed his way down her porcelain skin. "I thought so, *mo leanbh ghealach. Once upon a time, I truly thought I did. But then I came to the Tavern and met your mother." The Dark Lord smiles. The love shining in his eyes makes the dark depths sparkle. "That is when I found myself complete." He lays a dark hand against his little ones cheek. "This is a secret between you and I, sweetling." He leans close and whispers in her ear so the Queens don't hear. "Your mama sits upon the throne of my heart. No other can claim that crown."

Mera giggles and looks past her father as Nick glides up to join the group. She holds her arms up to Nick and the vampyre smiles. He bends over and gives her a hug before straightening up and taking her tiny hand in his, as Titania hands Ruarc back to Erik. Silently Keon moves a step back, placing himself next to Eite as rear guard. Guunnar and Dmitri position themselves to flank Erik and Star. Guunnar nods to Erik, and guards in place, the family moves towards the grave site.

*my moon child

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