Friday, March 9, 2012

After a late supper and visiting with the group Inari is escorting I'm heading for a date with a shower and a razor when I'm hit with a flying tackle and damn near go on my ass. I turn into my assailant and her mouth meets mine, hot and feverish and hungry. “Inari?”

She hooks a leg behind mine, jerks and shoves at the same time and then I do go on my ass. She pounces, tugging at my tunic, her other hand sliding into my trews. "Don't talk," and just to make sure, she devours my mouth some more.

My tunic is gone, my trews jerked to my knees when I come up for air. Somewhere along the way, Inari managed to lose her top. She's leaving fierce, almost-painful kisses and bites across my chest while I work her trews over her hips. She rises to let me skim them down her legs, her eyes alight... then she lowers her mouth onto me, taking me in effortlessly and I hitch in a harsh rasping breath. Her mouth is hot and wet and perfect, her tongue as active as a kitten. My hips jerk even as I try to hold back... She gives me a smoky look that I can feel in my balls, then she straddles me and sighs raggedly as she impales herself. I bite my lip as she rides me, her head thrown back, breasts bouncing, her mouth open wide but no sound emerging... She rides me and rides me and rides me and I wonder if this is what a heart attack feels like.... My hips jerking, stabbing upward, heart pounding... She lets go with a silent scream and the look on her face... I erupt inside her, my hands clawing at the grass, toes curling as I fill her....

Her voice is soft in my ear. "Gods, that was good... just what I needed." She gives me a wicked grin, very unlike her usual mien. "We have the rest of the night... guard duty is covered," she says. "Come with me to the river... there's a place I know there... We can go slower this time."

I arch an eyebrow. "Is that an order, Ambassador?"

She kisses me again and her voice is a velvet purr. "You're damn right it is, Captain."

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