Friday, March 9, 2012

Star watches as Mera walks towards the river hand in hand with Eite. She knew the little girl needed a dip in the water and Eite said there was a perfect place, a slow moving pool in a bend in the river right near the camp. Keon and Ky were going to watch for intruders just in case.

A light touch on her shoulder makes Star turn and smile. Erik was holding a squirming Ruarc, who since recently learning to take a few steps always wanted to be on the move. Erik gently pushes the hair away from Stars face. “They'll be fine.... you know she needs to swim now and then..”

Star nods, “I know. Its just that she is growing so fast.”

Taking her hand Erik leads her to a fallen log. “Lets just sit and enjoy some quiet.. .its been quite the trip so far...”

“It has...” Stars thoughts slip back to the afternoon and the meal shared with the Queens. It was hard to relax and enjoy things when both the Queens were present. Star felt like she was trying to be a referee when she wasnt even sure of the rules of the game. Luckily Tychus sat next to her and explained many things to her throughout the course of the meal. They had a plan to meet with Chiara and set up some sort of curriculum for the children. They would have several teachers for different subjects. Tychus thought it best to go ahead and start since Ruarc would learn from the older children as well. Erik said that made sense to him, laughing at memories of Tannr trying to copy everything he did.

After the meal, the Queens left, both having other duties to attend to. Titania had left a large guard so the group could spend the night and not worry about an attack. Star had watched as Inari excused herself from the table, presumably to change from her dress back into her more practical riding clothes. Star thought she looked beautiful in a dress, her long hair left down and pulled back simply away from her face. She noticed the looks her and Keon exchanged and had asked Ky about it.

“Well, its kind of hard to explain. I think there are some strong feelings there... but their backgrounds, stations in life, families...” Ky shook her head. “Its all pretty much insurmountable, no matter what they want. And toss in the fact that he used to be part of Mabs court and she has given body and soul to Titanias service...”

“Everything is so different here....” Star didnt understand and let the conversation drop.

She sighs, her thoughts and the days activities making her tired. She leaned against Erik watching Ru stumble around after some wood sprites. The smaller creatures were braver now that the camp was a little quieter.

The peace was soon interrupted by a squealing Mera, Ky carrying her upside down. She was dripping wet, laughing and carrying a small creature that looked something like a blue turtle.

“Mama Star! Look! Eite caught him for me...” Ky set the little girl down right side up. “But just to show you.. he has to go back in the water...”

As Star laughs and walks with Mera back to the river, Ky takes her seat on the log. She looks to Erik, “She seems a little overwhelmed...”

Erik nods, “I think so too, I am sure she would rather go home in the dark than stay any longer, but that wouldnt be safe..”

Shaking her head Ky says “No, that wouldnt be the best idea. Too many bad things come out at dark around here, especially for the unwary...We're safe in a group like this.”

Raina approaches and takes a seat on the ground, long legs folded under her. “Whats up?”

“We were just saying that Star seems a little overwhelmed by everything...”

Raina nods, “She'll be all right though. It takes some getting used to I imagine. Especially when you consider how shy she was...” her thoughts interrupted by the sight of Inari greeting a very handsome warrior, his smile bright and engaging, long dark hair that begged to be pushed out of his eyes.

“Who is that?”

Ky turns to see who Raina is watching and grins. “Thats Torin, commander of the Nighthawks, the one I was teasing Inari about.... I dont think we'll be seeing much of her tonight....”

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