Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eira smiles softly as she runs a finger over Jacks lips.

If he only knew how bad I wanted to just jump him... and how bad I want it to mean something to him....

Her eyes move down the length of his body, admiring the muscles, the flat belly, his hard cock... she sighs and closes her eyes, forcing back the desire building rapidly out of control.

He could have any girl he wanted, a different one every night... could it be he really doesnt like that idea? Or is it the curse, and he really is just protecting himself? It has to be hard to watch everyone around you get older and change... what would it be like, to see someone you love die?... and to know it's going to happen to everyone you love... how would you keep from going crazy? I wonder if Kathy would talk to me? Only I dont know how to contact a spirit, they just seem to keep showing up... Is that something this Sibyl will teach me? And how long is that going to take....

Eiras thoughts swirl, confusing her. Every emotion was played out on her face and she opened her eyes to Jack watching her intently.

“What?” she asks.

“You're gorgeous... even deep in thought...” Jack grins at the smile that comes to her face.

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