Saturday, March 17, 2012

The sound of giggles can be heard from the upstairs bathroom. Stoney smiles as he clicks into a third video. He watches his girls dancing wildly to something Tori is playing on her panpipes while Tomas bangs on a pot, keeping rhythm. The sound of arguing drifts down from the bedrooms. Alise comes into the living room carrying a pouting Tomas. It is quite obvious the little boy has been crying.

"Chiot, will you tell this little man that he cannot wear his Batman pajamas every night! They need to be washed." She shakes her head at Tomas. "And, *petit homme, tears will not help."

Stoney opens his arms to take his son from his wife. "Maman is right Tommi. Both of your Batmans need to be washed. The new set still need to be altered to fit your wings." Stoney points to the computer screen. "What are you playing here?"

Tomas looks at the screen, distracted for the moment. "Tante Tori was telling us it is im-pour-tent to have fun. Even warriors need... fun times." He struggles over the big word, sounding it out slowly. "Is she right, Papa?"

The Gargoyle grins, shifting his son slightly to make room for the leathery wings folded behind the little boy's back. "Oh oui! A lot of warriors play music, dance, or just have fun. You know your ^tantes et oncle are part of a band with me. Oncle Keon is a musician as well. Oncle Tannr tells stories. Twillon dances. Many of the Riders as well."

The boy looks thoughtful, tears slowly disappearing as he is turned from his disagreement with his mother. "Tante Silk dances." Stoney nods. Tomas looks at his parents, "Not everyone does."

Stoney raises a brow. "Oh? Who do you know that does not dance or make music?"

Tomas puffs himself up. "Nick doesn't. Oncle Mortuis either."

Stoney laughs and hands the little boy back to his mother after getting a goodnight kiss. "Hmm.. I think you need to ask them about that. Nick does dance. Ask Tante Raina and Miss Ky. As for Oncle Mortuis, he dances very well. Tante Silk looks forward to their waltzes. She says he is a talented sword dancer as well." The boy purses his lips again, ready to argue. "Now, off to bed 'petit guerrier, and I will ask Laila to make sure your favorite pajamas are washed tomorrow."

The girls are brought down to say their goodnights as Stoney pulls up another video. He pauses it to kiss both his daughters. As Gracie is carried back towards the stairs she calls out, "Is féidir na réaltaí ag faire thar tú, papa!"

"What does that mean, mon petit."

Laila pauses as Gracie stretches around to see her father. "Mera says it to Oncle Keon. She says it means May the stars keep watch over you. It is a very pretty thing to say, oui?"

Stoney smiles. "Oui, it is very beautiful."

The little one waves as Laila follows Alise, carrying her up the stairs and out of sight. Stoney mulls over the easy way Grace said the Gaelic words. He clicks the video back on as Alise joins him at the computer.

"What are you watching, Chiot?"

He slides an arms around her waist, pulling his golden haired wife into his lap. "Videos of our children. Keon suggested I do it, since we are so worried about Grace not showing a talent. It is also something to save for them to see when they are older." He replays a short bit of the current video. "Chaton, what is Grace saying here?"

Alise listens to the clip, a small frown creating tiny wrinkles between her brows. Her lavender eyes narrow as she listens while he plays it again. "I am not sure, mon amour... but I think..." Her eyes widen and she looks at Stoney. "I think she is speaking... it sounds... like Raina and her brothers. Don't they speak Norse?"

*little man

^aunts and uncle

'little warrior

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