Friday, March 9, 2012

Pandora has seen Obsidian angry before... indeed she has seen him as his deamon self; but somehow this anger is hotter... she knows its because it threatens his family... there is nothing on this earth that means more to him than her and the children... and that reaches beyond them to the extended family. He spent much of his life feeling separate and different than his desert peers; and now this world they have created together is a place where the gargoyles and their extended family have everything they desire to be happy, and threatening that has Ob livid.

Pandora clings to Ob as he kisses her hard; relaxing as she knows Ike has the children safely away and distracted. His grip on her is almost painful... he is holding her so tightly to him, but she weaves her hand into his hair and returns his kiss, feeling a little of the tension release as his hold loosens.

Soon the tension becomes something more and she can feel his erection against her belly... "Bruha, I want you now..." ...he leads her to a chair and loosening his jeans he pulls her forward and lifts her skirt, tearing the panties that lay between him and her moist nether lips... and lifts her up onto his lap; she moans as the head of his cock penetrates... and he shoves hard, impaling himself in her flesh.

Ob turns her face to him as he shoves his cock harder... and she sees that the deamon still has him under some control... for his eyes are still slitted... but the lips that capture hers are most definitely the lips of her loving husband. She feels the emotion still roiling in him... rage,love, desperate need to have her as close as possible at this moment....

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