Friday, March 9, 2012

Stoney pulls Alise into his arms, tucking her against his chest. If he could take away her feelings of fear and anger, he would, but that is not what she would want, nor would it let Alise be the strong mother/warrior he knows is in her soul. A feeling of undefinable rage flashes over them. Alise jerks, looking up at Stoney's wide eyes.

"Chiot? *Qu'était-ce? It..."

Stoney holds her tighter. "Ob."

She blinks up at him. "Barbare'? Are you sure? It was almost... ^dérangé"

"I know how he feels, Chaton. But I am not part Deamon so my 'humeur does not even come close to his. First they strike at Tori, now the children... I know what Tannr plans, and I have a feeling Ob will be going with him."

Stoney hooks a chair with his foot and pulls it close. He drops into it, pulling Alise into his lap. He cradles her in his arms, knowing his next words would upset her.

"I would go also, but I know where my duty lies. You and  "nos petits are more important to me than life itself." He kisses her gently to keep her from speaking, knowing Alise would not shift into their minds, as she still does not use a mental touch instinctively.

A feeling of obsessive possessiveness sweeps over them both, again coming from Ob, and a surge of desire which tempers the rage. A shield suddenly slams down as Ob regains some control leaving the couple breathless. Stoney breaks the kiss nearly panting from his brother's reactions.

Licking salt from his lips, Stoney wipes away Alise' tears. "I am not going, mon amour. I am going to stay right here. I know Ob told Silk, and of course she will tell le Sorcier. Mortuis will advise us on how best to protect the family. You know he will not tolerate someone wreaking havoc in his town." He gives her a little smile, and rolls his eyes upwards, indicating the audience peeking between the railings of the upper stairs.

"Besides... I pity any one who thinks to mess with our children." he raises his head and calls out. "I see you. If you are going to spy on your Mère and Père you need to practice stealth. Come here you three. You might as well join us. After you apologize to Laila for trying to sneak off. She is standing right behind you."

Three heads turn, eyes wide as they look up at their nanny. Apologies given, they troop down the steps to stand before their parents.Tara stares from one to the other, holding tight to Tomas and Gracie's hands. Her brother gives her hand a little squeeze and she lets go of their hands to run to her parents.

Tears fill her eyes. "Mama' I felt everbody. Everone is mad!"

Alise pulls her up in her lap and Stoney motions for the others to come up as well. The trio wiggle for position. After a few moments, Stoney laughs.

"This is not working. Hold tight!" He stands, carrying a squealing wife and children to the couch and drops them in a giggling bundle. He wrestles his way into the pile, tickling wherever he can. Finally the family cuddles, Stoney and Alise telling their children how much they love them.

Alise's thoughts tug at his mind, even though she tries hard to hide them. She loves her children, often thinking it might be time to have another. Stoney knew she would bring it up when she was truly ready. Actually, had thought it would be soon. But her thoughts now are on how to protect Grace and the twins, and that perhaps it would not be a good idea to bring another child into their lives. She looks up as she feels the sadness that flits through Stoney's mind.

He gives a smile that doesn't reach his eyes. Later Chaton. I promise, we will talk later....

*What was that?



"our little ones

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