Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dawn had just brushed her rosy blush across the tree tops as Miko flits into the barn. He pauses listening to the soft murmur of voices before loudly buzzing his way up to Tannr's apartment.

He settles on the rope to an old "herd bell" just off the ladder. Using his wings to swing his weight back and forth, he rocks the clapper from side to side until the bell tolls slowly, one reverberating clang at a time. Tannr steps out of the doorway and smiles at Miko.

"Welcome back."

Saluting, Miko zips inside as Tannr holds the door open and settles on the back of a chair. His arches his back, stretching aching muscles. After a few moments he breathes deeply.

"They come home. Packed up and moved out this morning, amigo Lord Blackthorn and Ambassador Inari received the report, as did Lord Erik and Lady Star. " He pauses a moment. "With this news, I will not be surprised if they arrive before the sun slides past noon. That is unless their parade slows them down. I expect most will not cross to this Realm." His eyes light up. "Such a following they gathered..."

Tori slides into a chair, legs draping over a padded arm. "What do you mean, Miko?"

"^Dias! So many followed, so many camped there as well. All to be close and pay tribute to a Drow raised to Hero by the Lady Star. A sight to see. A *milagroso sight to see.... 'muy espléndido."



'very splendid

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