Saturday, March 17, 2012

“And many wanted to see the Warrior, even though is he just a bambino yet...” Miko sighs, obviously tired from his long journey.

“You are welcome to rest here...” Tannr begins.

“No... must go to the tavern, report there. Then rest...” and Miko flits down the stairs and on his way.

Tannr turns and finds Tori, arms wrapped tight around his waist. He grins and returns the embrace, letting Toris head rest on his chest.

“We should rest while we can. I imagine this will be a night filled with stories of their adventures. Mera will be excited to tell us her tale...” Tannr lets his hands wander slowly down Toris back and his mind also wanders, back to the previous night and Tori spread eagle as he kneels between her legs. The memory of her back arched, head thrown back, moaning has him groaning and burying his face in her neck.

Smiling, Tori reaches up to gives his hair a tug. “Tonight Coppertop... maybe I'll pay you back...”

“Gods... how am I suppose to sleep now?”

Tori laughs and twists out of the way as Tannr tries to smack her bottom. As she climbs out the window she blows him a kiss.

Crazy woman...what am I gonna do with you? Tannr sends his thoughts as Tori takes her place on the roof of the stables.

Let me think on that Coppertop and we'll talk later....

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