Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pandora's heart skips a beat when Ob comes down the stairs... he still has the power to make her forget everything else... tonight he looks the nomadic prince that first captured her heart.

Beside her the children both yell at sight of their papa... Chloe races across the room,weaving among the tables till she reaches his side; flinging herself into his open arms. Ob stands back up with his daughter and looks across the room to his wife and son... Pandora's smile tells him all he needs to know, and his son tries to stand in his highchair.. .reaching toward him.... "yes, love... we are all here for you"... echoes in his head with Pandora's gentle mental caress.

Ob strides across the room to the family table and the family... depositing Chloe on a bench, he reaches for Teri and takes a seat on the bench where he holds his son in his lap while Chloe leans against his shoulder sharing all the secrets of her day with him.

Pandora exchanges a glance with him across the table; and she hears his whispered.."this is what its all about... and no Drow witch will threaten it." She knows he has his shields up to prevent the children hearing.. and she nods in agreement.

Monty approaches with a platter of steaming food and Pandora watches Ob dig in... sharing tidbits with Chloe and Teri as he eats. The domesticated father with his children... and the caged daemon that dwells within.

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