Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alise is angry... as angry as Stoney has ever seen her. He tries to put his arms around her and she moves away, stomping her foot. Her face is red and she looks as if she might explode. Stoney would have been moved to laughter if the situation wasnt so deadly serious and involving the children.

“WHY?? Why cant they leave us alone? My children are not some freaks for these women to put in some...some exposition latérale de cirque* ....I will not allow this... and I will not live in fear and locked in my own house...”

Stoney shiwlds Alises anger from the children who are upstairs with Laila making forts out of their bedding. Tara pauses, her hand ready to drape a blanket over the back of a chair. A flash of anger, maybe hurt, quickly gone, then she feels her papans quiet strength and comfort. Her attention is quickly taken by Tomas' impatient, “Tara...” and the moment is forgotten in their laughter and play.

While Stoney could shield his anger from the children his siblings knew exactly how he felt. He sends to Tori...

Did your guest see the scrying? Would he know the children on sight? It would help us prepare...

Anger seethes under the calm words. Everyone in the link knows he is holding back an anger even greater than the one he bore towards Jean-Marc.

He looks at his wife, eyes now huge and dark violet, anger changing to fear for her children. He can see her thoughts, the fear she felt when Tomas attacked the ghoul that got past the wards.

Chiot, what if they find a way? Like the ghoul... he got in....

He strokes a hand down her back, tugging at the long golden silk of her hair. "Then they will find out what an enraged gargoyle is truly like. No one has seen me..." He smiles, eyes cold, canines lengthening. "in colère meurtrière"**

*circus side show

**murderous anger

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