Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drai joins the group at the campfire, taking a break after a long night of guard duty. He accepts a cup of coffee and grins at the strong aroma. Taking a seat next to K'thyri he greets the others and playfully tugs one of Ky's long ears. She in turn slugs his arm and he narrowly saves his coffee from spilling all over.

“Dont make me set this down...”

“You couldnt catch me anyways...”

“I could... and blindfolded at that...”

“Blindfolded my ass...”

“Not your ass... your eyes Ky... your eyes...”

Ky starts to laugh until her keen sense of hearing picks up the sound of horses. “Company...” She reaches for her sword but Inari lays a hand across the Wyldfaes.

“Its fine. I am expecting this group...”

Four riders approach, Chiara, her son and two of Titanias guards.

Drais mouth drops, “Who is that?”

“Chiara... and her son, Ryan. Gods Drai, stop drooling. She's a teacher or soon to be...” Ky laughs at her brothers reaction.

“She's too beautiful to be a teacher. We never had teachers that looked like that...”

“How would you know? You never stuck around for any class.”

Drai watched as Chiara halted her horse nearby. She smiled at Inari and looked over those gathered around the fire, relief in her face at recognizing at least some of the faces. When her eyes met Drai's the interest she saw in his made her blush and lower her own dark eyes.

Drai is speechless for a full minute, mesmerized by long dark hair and even darker eyes. Suddenly he stands and strolls over to the riders.

“What the hell... I swear if he makes an ass out of himself I am gonna beat him senseless....” Ky says quietly as she watches helplessly, unable to do anything without drawing more attention to the situation.

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