Saturday, March 17, 2012

Monty leans in the doorway watching silently as Ike destroys the room. People have poked their heads out of other rooms, only to duck back in as things crashed into walls. The Marmurr has yet to decide if he should be worried or entertained. His lover currently stands amid shard of glass, the remains of a wardrobe, and the shredded remnants of the mattress.

Small bits of cotton float on the breeze created by the agitated whipping of large black feathered angel wings. He watches as Ike gracefully picks her way through the wreckage. Even enraged, Ike was something to behold. Her long blonde hair crackled with green sparks, as did the spring green of her eyes. Her features are still humanoid though there is a definite feline cast to the shape of her eyes and cheeks. Short tawny fur covers her body until it blends with the longer white hair covering her from hips to cloven feet. When she finally stands in front of him Monty raises a brow.

"Do you feel like talking now? Or do you want to destroy something else?"

Her wings tremble, mirroring her lower lip. Monty opens his arms and she steps forward to lay her forehead against his shoulder. her words are muffled and he waits until she stops shaking before he asks if she wants to try telling him again. She raises her tear streaked face to glare at him.

"Mon amor... I couldn't hear a word you said."

"I said... Why is it that Chloe, a mere child, can handle intricate spells, while I can't even light a FRICKING candle! I can UNRAVEL anything Pan has cast before me. But let me try to cast something myself..." She stomps a foot and the cloven hoof cracks a floorboard.

Monty takes her hands in his and kisses the short fur on the backs of her hands. He turns them and presses kisses to the calloused palms, carefully avoiding her extended claws.

The Gargoyle closes her eyes, pulling in her temper. She feels the tentative touch at the back of her thoughts, and tiredly opens herself to it. She can feel the tears before she hears the thought.

Tante Ike? Are you mad at me?

Ike sighs. No sweet gitanilla. I am angry at myself. You have a wonderful talent, and you are learning very well. You are as much Witch as Gargoyle. I guess I just don't have enough Witch to let me learn. Go to sleep sweetling. I love you and am not angry at you at all. She brushes a kiss mentally across the sleepy child's brow and leans against Monty as Chloe's thoughts fade away.

"What is it?"

"Chloe, she is worried I am mad at her."

"Are you?"

Ike shakes her head as Monty folds her in his embrace, careful to not press on her wings. She sighs, trying to stop the tears from falling again. "NO. I am frustrated beyond... I am just... Oh Goddess... I am useless as a Witch."

A soft voice touches her thoughts, skimming across Monty's as well. Not useless, just different. The magic you need is more elemental... ask about that type from your teacher...

Ike stares at Monty. "Did you hear that?"

Monty nods.They stare at each other for a moment before the Marmurr speaks.

"Ask Pandora about elemental magics. It is worth looking into."

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