Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tori looks at Weebit, then stoops before her to speak to the demifae in her hand.

"My family wants to know if you saw the images that the Priestess saw?"

Whisp nods. He blinks his large almond shaped eyes. A frown crosses his face, his black eyes growing bright with excitement. He nods again emphatically. His words are a blur, a high buzzing. Miko and Weebit grin, then start laughing.

Weebit wipes tears from her eyes with her free hand. "Well, it seems you have a fan. He did not recognize you. Last time Whisp saw you, he did not think the Priestess would have someone to sacrifice. We hear you brought a guard to his knees for touching you, making him useless for the Priestess' pleasure."

Tori raises a brow. "You saw that?"

Whisp nods, giving her a thumb's up. He chatters at her again, hands scrunching up his whispy hair, batting his big eyes. Weebit translates while Miko's wings begin to buzz angrily.

"The littlest of the children has lots of curls, pale brown like ash leaves in Autumn."

Tannr slides his arm around Tori's waist, murmuring. "Grace."

Whisp strokes a hand down his face, to mid chest. He places a hand on his chest and sighs, batting his eyes. His words become soft, as if enamoured.

"The middle child has long dark hair, like dark chocolate. Her eyes make spring lilacs pale, amethyst jewels..."

Tannr's voice is terse. "Tara."

Tori goes still in his arms, a viper waited to strike. The flames flicker in her eyes, making the green glitter.

Again Whisp scrunches at his hair. This time he pretends to strike with a sword as his wings lift him slightly from Weebit's palm. He strikes a Peter Pan pose, fists on hips as he describes another.

Weebit closes her eyes for a moment. There is sadness, and anger, in them when her whiteless eyes open. "The last is a boy. A Warrior with wings and golden curls..."

Tori grinds out the name before Tannr can speak past the tightness in his throat.


Weebit nods.

At Ob's touch Tori asks, "Were there any others?"

The little man shakes his head, turning to look up at Weebit with a frown. She bits her lower lip with sharp white teeth, then sighs. "There are two other Gargoyle children." She looks up at Twillon. "Now that she knows of three, I doubt it will be long before she knows of the others."

He nods, face grim. He motions Miko away from the others and speaks softly. When they come back to the others He can tell by the expressions on their faces that Tori has informed her Kin. He tells them that Miko will send a messenger through the Veils to tell Lord Blackthorn, Ambassador Inari, and, if they think it prudent, the Queens.

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