Sunday, March 4, 2012

After the ceremony Titania excuses herself to go see that her pavilion and tents were properly set up for the meal she had invited all the visitors to. She speaks briefly to Keon, telling him where her tents were located, deep in the forest, not far from the Grove.

Giving Star a few minutes to compose herself, Inari waits and then watches as she thanks the keepers of the Grove, expressing her pleasure with the burial site and the ceremony.

“Excuse me...” Inari starts to back off as Erik pulls Star close.

“No, its fine, you arent interrupting.” Star turns to Inari and Ruarc does too, wondering who his mother is talking to. Inari is struck by how much they look alike, but Ruarcs features are definitely masculine while Star is small and petite. Maybe its the eyes changing color almost in unison and the silver blonde hair...

“I would like you both to meet someone..”

Star watches as Inari waves over the older man she was talking to earlier. He limps just a bit and uses a walking stick but seems bright and spry for one so old.

“This is Tychus, my old teacher and now my friend. Tychus, this is Lady Star, her husband Erik Thorsson and their son Ruarc...”

“The one the legends speak of...” Tychus grins at the boy and takes a small hand in his. “A strong grip he has.. My apologies for not kneeling, it gets harder to do at my age...”

“No... please, dont even try. No one has to kneel for me... or us...” Star stammers a bit, flustered at all the attention.

“My dear, would you do an old man the honor of taking a walk with him? There are things we should speak of...”

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