Saturday, September 10, 2011

The battle seems overwhelming, but the rescuers are holding their own. After dropping off Inari, Wish followed Star's energy. Finding her safe behind the Manse's defenses, Wish returns to the battle.

She has barely begun to dance when Pike appears at her side. His face is grim, eyes deadly blank. His usual impish merriment gone beneath a side of him only a few would remember. She smiles, and if any stood near, they would step just a little further away. Wish begins to gather her magicks, as Pike wills his armor into place.

They cut their way to Erik's side. The Viking seems surprised to see them there. A Drow blade stabs for Keon's chest. The Dark Fae turns from one opponent to turn back the blade. As he does, Wish flicks her hand, evening the odds. Keon turns back to an opponent now nothing more than ash.

Pike tips back his helm, bowing to Erik. His voice is thickly accented, the words nearly beyond comprehension. "We are yers, My Lord Erik. Let us clean this bit of Faerie of this rabble."

His pike jabs out, thrusting deeply through the chest of an oncoming Drow. With a vicious twist, he pulls free as Wish throws another ball of magick. He pulls Wish's blade and slashes, opening a deep wound on another Drow, laughing as the man falls back in horror at the burning of the steel.

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