Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sitting at Rainas bedside, Nick turns his head at the sound of soft knocking. Alise steps in and asks, “Do you mind a little visit? The children are worried about their tante...”

“I dont mind at all... please.... bring them in..” Nick smiles as he stands, knowing that were Raina awake she would love to see the kids.

Stoney carries the girls in and Tomas walks with his mother. Nick grins at how much they look alike, the gold hair, the facial features.

Stoney sets the girls near the bed, where Tara promptly pulls herself up and looks at Raina. She gently pats Rainas cheek, then leaves her hand there for a moment, a faraway expression on her little face.

Suddenly the little girl starts to giggle, startling her family and Nick. *”Elle visite avec sa souer, celle comme moi...

Nick looks to Alise, puzzled as to what was going on. She smiles, exchanges a few words with her daughter and tells Nick. “She says Raina is visiting her sister, Tara, the one who our Tara is named after. I asked how she knew that and she didnt really tell me. Maybe she has other gifts besides being an empath.”

“I wish she knew when Raina was going to wake up. Its hard to see her so... quiet.... She is normally so full of life...” Nicks eyes never leave the still form on the bed as he speaks.

Stoney approaches and clasps Nicks shoulder. “She will be fine mon ami. I have seen many a warrior take a hard blow to the head and awaken as if nothing happened. She is a strong woman, but you know that already..”

Nick nods, unsure of what to say. At a time like this friends can be as close as family. He's grateful for their encouragement....

“Well...I think we need to let Tante Raina rest for now. And my children...” three little faces turn to their father in unison, bringing a smile to Alise and Nick., “we should go say good bye to Chloe. She is going home with Uncle Ob. Chaton, will you stay here or join us?”

“I think I will stay for a few minutes and then join you, if thats all right with everyone?”

Tomas and Gracie go to their father and Tara hesitates for a moment. She looks at Raina, then kisses her cheek and whispers something to her. Alise watches as she climbs down from the bed then bends down to retrieve something from the floor. Alise cannot see since Taras back is to her and sends to Stoney, What is she doing?

Before Stoney can respond Tara moves away from the bed and takes Tomas' hand as they leave the room. Stoney looks to Alise, Join us when you can mon amour...

Alise nods as she stands and goes to the bed. Tucked in next to Raina is a rag doll. Brown yarn for hair and button eyes, clothed in a Viking style dress and apron and obviously much worn and loved. Alise smiles and turns to Nick, “Does Raina have any dolls?”

“What? Dolls? No... at least none that I have ever seen...” Nick stands and joins Alise. Looking down at the bed he asks, “Where the hell did that come from?”

“My guess is her sister sent it somehow. I dont know if it is hers or Rainas, but maybe Raina can tell us when she wakes up.”

*She is visiting her sister, the one like me....

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