Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The book lies forgotten on the side table. I'm focusing my whole attention on Raina now... not that anything seems to have changed. I'm so absorbed that I'm caught completely by surprise when a pair of hands come up to cover my eyes and someone nips the edge of my ear. "Guess who?" The voice is no more than a whisper.

"I don't know... errr... Nick?"

"Smartass." The hands are removed from my eyes and a grinning K'thyri moves in front of me. "How's she doing?"

"No change... it's just going to take time, I think... there's not much the Healer can do, just let Nature take its course."

"Well, that's frustrating."

"Yeah." I yawn suddenly. "Hey, it's not time for you to relieve me yet. What's up?"

"Can't sleep." She makes a face. "I'm horny as hell and all my lovers are out of commission."

I grin. "Sorry about that."

She sticks out her tongue. "I hear Tannr is spending the night with Tori. I thought I'd bring him up a blanket or sleeping bag or something... damn stubborn Viking."

"Yeah, like you wouldn't do the same thing," I scoff. "If you can catch one of the sylphs, they can probably show you where such things are kept..."

"Right. I'm off then." She gives me a gratuitous wiggle as she leaves.

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