Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Raina opens her eyes slowly, taking in the winter landscape. Where am I? Back home? But I was in Fairie... the Drow....

As she sits up she can hear a girls giggle and she gazes through the forest of trees and snow. Everything seems strangely lit from within, almost as if the trees are glowing, the branches heavy with ice. Turning her head she sees Tara approach. Skipping in the snow, her blue cloak billowing behind her. She smiles and laughs as she sits next to Raina.

“Hello sister. We cant visit for too long this time.” Tara throws her arms around Rainas neck and Raina pulls her close, wondering why she has been given this gift but not daring to ask.

“Here... I found this for you...” Tara places a doll in Rainas arms.

“My Ellie... where did you... nevermind.... I should know better than to ask, right?” Raina grins at the old doll. It was the only doll she had ever had. One of her fathers wives many unsuccessful attempts to curb the tomboy in her. She had kept the doll in her bunk and sometimes let Tara play with it.

“I just wanted to see you and give her to you. I hope you dont mind...”

“Of course not. I love you Tara... I wish...” Raina stumbles over the words. They had been through all this before and there was no changing things. Tara had said everything happened as it should... but that didnt mean Raina wouldnt always wish for a different outcome.

“I know...I love you too. Thats a nasty bump on your head...” Tara runs a finger lightly over the side of Rainas head. “Its going to hurt when you wake up.”

Wolves start to howl in the distance and Raina automatically reaches for her sword, which isnt there. “Damn it...”

“Dont worry. They cant hurt us. I have to go anyway.”


Tara nods, “Yes...but we'll see each other again. Tell Tannr and Erik I love them. Tell Tannr that his love will be fine. And remind Star to give her back the snake necklace. I think she has forgotten that she has it.”

Raina stands with Tara and brushes the snow off. “It isnt even cold... how strange... I will tell them, I promise..”

“Can you hear the little ones? They are sending you their energy and good thoughts, willing you to come back. I shouldnt keep you, they have been frightened to see you so still.”

She nods as she embraces her sister and in a flash Tara is gone and Raina is left in the woods, snow swirling around her and the howling of the wolves in her ears.

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