Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pandora was sitting on her favorite sofa with Teri's bassinet beside her; talking with the tavern patrons who stopped to ask for news and see the babe.

She had regained all her strength and was frustrated at being resigned to the tavern walls until Ob's return... she knew it was for their protection; but her mind was full of anxious thoughts since Ob was blocking the battle from her and the children.

Pandora felt a soft caress.... Bruha... it was Ob... It will be just awhile till I return, I stop with the others at the manse to clean up and check on Tori and Raina; then home to you... I'll bring Chloe with me.

Pandora relaxed her whole posture at hearing his voice... and glancing down at the movement beside her; she realized Teri was awake and watching her intently... he had heard his father's words too. She reached down and caressed his cheek... "Yes little warrior, your father will be home soon... you have had little time to know each other yet with this battle on your birth day." He moved his mouth as if he would try to form words... but smiled at her instead... and gripped her finger as it lifted from his face. Pandora was surprised at the strength of his grip, he looked at her and she felt his love for her wash over in a wave.

He was the most handsome boy child she had ever seen, and his features already seemed to have matured months worth instead of the days he had been alive... and she swore he had grown a couple of inches longer in just these last days. Monty had been taking time out to sit with Teri and talk to him... Ike's absence was hard on him; and the child kept his mind busy. Pandora had even had time for a leisurely bath one morning while he entertained the babe.

Watching the baby's reaction to Wish and Pike's stories before they left to join the fray had convinced her that his mind was much advanced in gathering information... he seemed to have understood their tales, and now Monty continued with tales of Spanish warriors from his childhood.

Stretching... she rose and went to Monty... "Ob will return soon...I imagine he'll be starved,so you might prepare some food, and he's bringing Chloe... so a snack plate for her too"... she laughed; "I know the child should be asleep, but she will be too excited to have her papa home again, and her new brother to regale with tales of her adventures at the manse."

Returning to Teri ,she scooped him up in her arms and headed upstairs to freshen her appearance before Obsidian arrived.

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