Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alise lowers her eyes, not sure how to respond to Nicks honesty. She sighs and looks to Raina lying still on the bed. “I love her too... maybe more than I should...”

Her words are interrupted by Stoneys thoughts, We'll be home soon Chaton... keep the children busy until I can shower? It's raining but I am still... a mess....

Nick sees the smile and nod and knows Alise is 'speaking' with her husband. He stands and stretches and goes to Rainas side. Taking her hand, he kisses it and his thoughts start to roam. He thinks of how they met, the first 'I love you' they exchanged. He remembers how happy she was when he bought the house for her and how much she enjoyed fixing the place up. The fight they had about Gareth... what a misunderstanding... and it almost ended everything...

He sets her hand down gently and runs the back of his hand over a soft cheek. Panther stirs a bit and settles back to watching.

“Come on Rain. Wake up girl, before I get all maudlin on you and make you want to kick my ass...”

The light touch of Alises hand on his shoulder stills his words.

“I will leave you alone for a bit. Stoney and the others are on their way. I will have supper ready for them, will you join us or stay here?”

“Stay, I think. I dont want to leave her alone...”

“All right Nicholas. I will send something up for you... to eat... or drink...”

“AB negative if the old man has it...”

Alise smiles, “I will see to it.” and leaves the room. She heads to the temporary nursery where Laila has taken the children after their meal for showers and getting pajamas on in preparation for bedtime. In the hallway she stops a sylph and explains that the men are returning and a meal should be waiting for those that wanted to eat. Mortuis had always given Alise carte blanche in the Manse so she knew her orders would be followed.

When she enters the nursery and hears the chaos Alise laughs. The girls were putting nightgowns on their dolls and chatting happily to each other, Ru was squealing from the safety of Stars arms. Tomas was racing around the room, naked as the day he was born and Laila was trying to scold him in between fits of laughter. The little one Star had rescued was watching it all, a smile teasing the corners of his mouth and his laughter whispery and almost silent as Stars used to be.

“Tomas! Enough!”

Tomas stopped short at the tone in his mothers voice.

“Yes mama..” He looked at the ground not minding the fact that he still had no pajamas on.

“If you wish to see papan when he gets back later you better get dressed..and listen to Laila...”

The little face brightened immediately, “Papan? Tonight?” and the girls all looked up when they heard that their fathers would be returning.

“Yes, but it will be late. You may stay up... if you behave...” Alise is laughing again as her son walks to Laila and lets her help him into his Batman pajamas. He sends an image to Alise of his new friend in the same pajamas. “We will find something for him to wear... Star... what should we call the little one? Does he have a name?”

Before Star can reply Tomas says “Robin. Name is Robin.” He goes to the bag of clothes that was packed for him and pulls out an extra pair of pajamas.

“Oh... like Robin Hood?” Alise asks.

Tomas rolls his eyes dramatically, “Non maman... Batman and Robin..”

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