Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rowan sat back and looked at her patient. The dressing was holding the clay in place, packed into the wound it had finally slowed the bleeding to a trickle. Toris color was still pale, the bruises still dark and angry-looking. Ike looked a little less worried. Rowan kept an eye on the transfusion and the IV antibiotics she had started.

Star had just stepped out of the shower, much of the blue-gray coloring washing off. Her skin was a very pale blue now and she resembled a naiad more than a Drow. A few stitches to her fingers and a clean dressing and Star was off to see her children.

Joining Alise on the balcony for a short break, Rowan watches the children playing in the fountains in the cool night air. Many lanterns lit the area and the kids didnt seem bothered by the cooler evening temperature. They had all welcomed the new boy even though he seemed a little shy. None of the children minded that he didnt talk, they all seemed to be communicating just fine. Star came out of the Manse carrying Ru and was greeted by a soaking wet Mera who almost leaped into Stars arms.

Rowan laughed, “She is so happy now. Its good to see...”

Returning the smile, Alise nods, “It is. The children adore her...”

The women watch as Star gets wet hugs from all the kids until she is almost as wet as they are. She is laughing and Ru is squealing when Alises attention is caught by a movement at the gates.

Alises face loses its color and smile as she realizes who it is. “Mon Dieu! Its Raina... and she looks dead....” Tears start to fall and Rowan takes her by the arm.

“If she were dead, they wouldnt bring her here. Get a room ready... I'll go down and try to get her in without the kids seeing anything...”

Several minutes later Rowan has examined Raina and reassured Alise that she has a concussion, and the cut to her head was not serious.

“But the concussion could be ...” Alise was worried. She had never seen Raina so still and quiet.

Rowan nods, “It could be, but I think she'll be fine once she wakes up. I need to get back to Tori. Can you get Raina settled and cleaned up?”

Alise nods and gathers supplies. Her eyes fill with tears at the thought of losing Raina. Next to Stoney she is the person Alise feels closest to.

She feels Stoney sending his love and support, telling her he would be there soon.

Gathering supplies Alise then sits on the edge of the bed and gently cleans the blood and dirt from Rainas face. Her thoughts go back to when they first met and how Raina had been spooked by her uncanny resemblance to Rainas dead sister. It was a miracle that they were such close friends and one would gladly die for the other if need be. Snake lifts her head and looks at Alise with solemn slanted eyes as if to tell her all would be well and Alise smiles at the small asp. Panther comes in from the hallway, damp from playing with the children but wanting to be with her mistress. Alise tries to keep her off the bed but Panther jumps on the foot of the bed and curls herself there, resting her head on Rainas bare legs.

Alise struggles to get the covers up, “Move Panther...she will get cold...”

Raina gives a soft moan and Alise freezes for a second, watching her friend closely. She sighs as there is no further reaction and begins to talk to Raina as if she were awake. Telling her about the children playing, how silent Stars new little one was and wondering if they would ever find his family.

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