Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tannr pauses, making sure everyone was all right as Mortuis spells the area and clears it of bodies. Ky is limping, looking as if her ankle were re-injured. Erik is holding his ribs, having taken a hard smack with the side of someones sword. Guunnar was tying a rag of some sort around Ramjis upper arm and there were several other minor injuries, mostly cuts and bruises. Suddenly he feels Tori... Crying? Tori is crying??

Red? Whats wrong? Does something hurt worse? Tannr sends an image of his arms around her, holding her close, wiping her tears.

Ike? Whats wrong? Whats happened? Tell Star to send Wish and I can be there in an instant...

Tannr is greeted with silence from Toris sister and he sends his thoughts to Tori again. Talk to me Red, please...

Stoney sees the confused look on Tannr face. Knowing how new Tannr is to connecting with Tori mentally he reaches for his sister and hears her quiet tears and anguish over losing her necklace. He approaches Tannr and lays a hand on his shoulder.

“Go to her. We are done here and she needs you.”

Tannr nods as Erik comes up from behind. “Hang on. Go with Wish.” Erik turns and calls for Wish and Pike. “Wish... please....”

Nodding, Wish encloses Tannr and Pike with her in her bubble and as Erik blinks they are gone from sight.

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