Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nick is forced to retire just before dawn to search out his room for the night, acquire another bottle of blood, etc.; fortunately the Manse boasts several subterranean chambers where sunlight can be completely excluded. He charges us in his absence to keep an eye on Raina - at least until she regains consciousness and Rowan pronounces her out of danger. It's hard to say no to a guy with finger-length fangs who could juggle us both like tenpins - so we agree. Wouldn't you?

Not that we'd have refused in any case. Ky beds down in one of the Manse's innumerable spare rooms, promising to relieve me in four hours. I borrow a book from the sorcerer's library - something, as I recall, about a vampire that was created by science - and settle in for a long day.

The book is interesting, if a trifle ludicrous in its premise, but I soon find my attention wandering from the printed page. Raina, so pale and listless, draws my eyes back again and again. I smile at Raggedy Ann - or the Norse equivalent, whatever that might be - evidently a very old plaything, worn from much handling, stained with tears... I wonder if it was Raina's doll, or that of her lost sister?

Ah, Raina..
.. I remember when we first met, when she thought I worked for Morgan willingly, rather than under duress. I really thought she might kill me when she learned that Morgan stole children - and truth to say, I wouldn't have fought against it very hard. And then there was the time that she thought Nick and I had had sex... not that I could blame her for that; she did find us naked in the same bed.... Yes, we had quite the rocky beginning... and now.... I smile as I watch her breast rise and fall, watching intently for any change.

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