Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blood and more seems to cling to their stone forms. Ob looks at Stoney and shakes his head. In a sign of just how tired he feels, Ob's words slip between languages.

"Our *esposas e hijos, they would not be happy to see so much... ^sangre."

Keon laughs, the sound turning both their heads. "Lads, I think any of the women would nae happy with the way we all look."

Stoney grins, looking around quickly before speaking."I think the Ambassaduer would not care about such things..."

Keon grins. "Nae, tis right ye are. Inari would nae be off put by such. Nor Raina and Ky. But as for yer wives and bairns, and the others awaiting..." He levers himself up from where he sits, favoring his left leg. Eite offers her hand to steady the Dark Lord and he smiles his thanks. She blushes and ducks her head.

"Still, one would wish for a gentle cleansing rain to rinse away some of this ..."

The words are barely out of his mouth as the first warm raindrops splat against his face. All three men look upward, glancing around. Keon laughs as Pike points to Wish where she dances slowly. She spins and the rain falls harder, a gentle shower.

Stoney slides his fingers along his arms, sloughing off blood and more. His words are soft, pitched only for the trio standing close.

"Whose going to wish for soap?"

*wives and children


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