Tuesday, September 20, 2011

His touch is gentle, unsure, yet enough to bring Tori to mental tears. She shakes it off and reaches out to entwine her thoughts with his. You are an idiot Coppertop. I am going to be like this for many hours. I don't expect you to sit out here the whole time. She tugs at his hair. Ky told me you stank.

She feels the surprise at her touch, then the acceptance and stubbornness. The only time I am leaving, Rós Himinn, is if Raina wakes. At the growling sensation in her emotions, he sends her a deep kiss. And maybe to eat and shower. That's it. Deal?

The mental tears slide. Tannr touches his cheek in his sleep, feeling her tears. In their shared dream, his arms pull her close. Her voice is gentle, a soft caressing whisper in his mind.


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