Saturday, September 10, 2011

The minute they arrive at the gates, the Wards go down. Pike is impressed. Either the guardians are very alert, or the Lord of the Manse had a way of letting them know friendlies were incoming. They step through the Wards, and as soon as they are well inside, Wish is whisking them to the foyer of the Manse itself.

A sylph appears and motions for them to follow. It drifts up a staircase and down the hall, pausing outside a door. Wish touches Tannr's arm, making him stop before he throws the door wide.

"She needs to rest and stay flesh, If ye rush in, she may go defensive and try to turn stone."

Tannr stares at the Piskie a moment. Pike slowly opens the door, then moves aside to let the Viking enter when Rowan nods. The healer's eyes widen at the sight of all the blood, but says nothing. Ike is talking to Tori, her words soft, but insistent. Her eyes meet Tannr's and she tells Tori softly, "Look who's here."

Tori turns a tear-streaked face to Tannr. She holds out her hand and he leans over her, touching her face gently, wiping away the tears.

"Hey Red..."

Cupping her face, he kisses her, gently at the start but soon deepening until Rowan clears her throat. Tannr glances at her sheepishly, then kisses Tori's cheek. "We made it baby... You don't have to cry anymore... We made it... and you can sleep if you need to... I'm not going anywhere."

Ike closes her eyes, releasing her hold on the compulsion. "One of the Drow took her necklace. Right before they took her to the altar."

Tannr caresses Tori's cheek, kissing it gently. His words are soft, murmured against her ear. "It's only jewelry Rós Himinn. I can always get Traeger to make another. Rest, sweetheart. It can be replaced. You can't."

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