Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ky knocks softly on the door in front of her and enters slowly. The lights were off but the morning sun from the balcony bathed the room in soft light. She makes her way to the balcony and sees Tori, an awesome sight in her stone form, looking as if she was keeping watch over the fountains and the grounds. Tannr was in a straight-back chair that looked miniscule with his large body covering most of it.

Grinning, Ky greets Tannr. “Hey! I brought you something...” Ky decides not to tease, poor guy must be going through hell right now...

Tannr looks up and greets Ky...”Hi... Hows the ankle? Why arent you resting?”

“Couldnt sleep. Raina is still out... and I got to thinking, if she were awake she would be yelling at you to take care of yourself.”

A small smile appears on Tannrs face as he nods.

“So I thought I would offer to sit with Tori if you needed to do anything... like wash up.... you kinda smell, Viking... smell bad.... Get a clean shirt too while you are at it...”

Tannr hesitates, not wanting to leave the balcony.

“Go! Stubborn damn Viking... take five minutes... if you dont the smell will knock her out when she changes back to human.”

Tannr sighs, “All right. Five minutes.” Tannr strokes the side of Toris face, not sure if she can hear him in this deep of a sleep that she must be in. I'll be right back elskan min... she wont give up otherwise...

When Tannr left, Ky starts talking to Tori, not sure if she can hear her or not. “Dont be mad at him, I made him go. He looks like hell and smells worse...” Ky rolls out the sleeping bags she found, placing them in arms reach of the gargoyle. “I grabbed two of these...” Ky places one on top of the other... “I'm sure he is used to sleeping standing up it thats what he has to do, but I thought I would be nice. I kinda like the kid, even though he can be annoying as hell.” Ky disappears for a second and returns with a couple of pillows from the bed inside. “There. Now when you wake up you can crawl in and surprise him..” Ky winks at the statue.

Tannr returns wearing sweat pants and a clean t-shirt. His hair is wet and tied back, still dripping.

“You could have taken a little more time...”

“No, I didnt want to. I dont want to leave her at all, not even for a few minutes.” Tannrs voice chokes a bit, the emotions and exhaustion of the past few days catching up with him.

Ky nods. “Okay. At least you just smell like soap now..Try and get some rest, I'm sure you need it.”

Tannr nods and doesnt say anything. Ky smiles sadly and reaches over to give him a hug. “You must love her a lot... To risk so much to get her back, you could have been killed. Star and the rest of us blended right in with the Drow, but you stick out like a sore thumb..”

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Tannr replies, “I do love her.. more than anything. She makes me want to be a better man, to be worthy of her, to honor her... its kind of hard to explain...”

Ky nods, “I think you do a pretty good job of explaining. She's a lucky woman.”

Ky turns to go as Tannr asks, “Let me know when my sister wakes?”

“Of course I will. I'm sure she will want to see you with her own eyes to make sure you are okay.”

Tannr watches as Ky limps out of the room, then he settles down on the sleeping bags. He reaches for Tori, wanting to feel her close even if she was stone then falls into a light sleep.

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