Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tara hangs back a bit as the children greet their fathers. She hangs on to Alises leg and watches as Stoney lifts Tomas and Gracie.

Stoneys smile fades as he sees Alise kneel and whisper to the little girl. He sends to her, blocking from the children.

Chaton... what is wrong? She seems frightened....

I dont know mon amour. She has been fine, playing with the others....unless they have been covering like they sometimes do...

Stoney sets Tomas and Gracie down with a kiss for each, “Let me talk to your sister...”

Reaching out a hand Stoney watches as Taras eyes darken with sadness. Suddenly she races into her fathers arms and wraps her arms around his neck. Stoney rubs her back and kisses her dark hair, so much like his own.

Tara sends him images of Star, her fingers stitched and covered and sobs, “My tantes...”

Stoney looks to Alise, “The children have not seen Tori or Raina?”

Shaking her head Alise says, “Non, not yet. Tori has been getting blood and Raina is still unconscious...”

“Well then..” Stoney gently brushes a tear away, “Let us go speak with Rowan. She may okay a short visit..” Stoney scoops up Gracie in his free arm and looks to Tomas, “Lead the way...”

Avec mes ailes?” Tomas is beaming. (With my wings)

Stoney nods and Tomas takes to the air. **“Suivez-moi..” (Follow me)

Tomas leads the way up to the second floor of the Manse. He hovers near a door and waits as his family catches up. He points to the door closest, “Tante Tori...” then points to a door directly across the hall, “Tante Raina...”

Assuming that Rowan would be with Tori, Stoney taps lightly on the door and opens it halfway. “Rowan? I have a little one here who is very worried about her aunties. May we visit for a short time?”

Rowan grins and looks to Tori who smiles softly and nods. Tannr grabs a couple extra pillows from a nearby pile of clean bedding and helps Tori sit up part way.

Approaching slowly Stoney smiles at Tori. “Hey sis. You look better than the last time I saw you.”

“That wouldnt be saying much...” Tori pats the bed next to her. “Put her here so I can talk to her.”

Lowering the girls to the bed Tara curls on one side and Gracie the other. Tomas crawls into Tannrs lap to get a better view of his aunt.

He looks up at Tannr, “Tante Tor sick?”

Tannr shakes his head, “Not sick, weak. She will be better tomorrow, after some rest as stone...”

Tomas nods and shares a look with his twin. Tara visibly relaxes, feeling better at seeing Tori for herself.

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