Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The sylphs have cleaned away dinner and the families have gathered in Raina's room, with Rowan's permission. I lean against the door frame, sadly watching the visit. Raina has not woken since being brought here. It seems all we can do is watch, and pray to whatever Gods we follow.

Chloe and Tara have worked their way up the bed. Almost as one, they reach out and lay a hand on Raina's face. I feel all the little cousins in tandem, as if they are channeling their thoughts to Raina through the two girls. I look at all the little faces and see concentration. Mera's eyes are closed, Tomas and Grace stare intently at Raina. Star's little man, what was the name Tomas gave him? Ah yes, Robin. Robin stands close to Tomas, eyes glued to the girls. Even Ruarc seems intent on what the girls are doing.

Surprise seems to bloom slowly as the others finally catch on. They are not talking to Raina. The girls are filling her mind with the love all the children feel for Tante Rain, images of their favorite times with her, her stories of being a little girl, being a warrior. Ob leans close to Star and Erik telling them what the children are doing. Keon nods as Mera reaches out and lays a small hand on Raina's side, Soon Tomas and Robin are also touching Raina.

Ruarc starts to squirm in Star's arms, and I offer to take him. She seems startled at first, but gives him to me. I kiss the little man's forehead and nestle him in the crook of our sleeping beauty's arm. Ru beams at me and snuggles in. I breathe deep of the love the children are enveloping around Raina, remembering when they did something like this for their adopted Gran, Grace.

It takes only minutes, but feels like much longer. Chloe and Tara look at each other and slowly remove their touch from Raina's face. The others also move away and I pick up Ru, handing him back to his mother. As the children reach for their parents, Tara's soft voice is heard by everyone.

"Tante Raina is sleepy, but she not going away now."

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