Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alise and Laila watch the grounds from one of the many balconies at the Manse. The children were just inside, playing quietly under threat of going to bed without seeing the warriors return. Tomas was finding that idea a fate worse than death. He was anxious to see his father and Uncles return and hear stories of their bravery.

“I see some of the Riders...” Alise points to the far end of the grounds.

Laila looks and gasps. “Its Ramji... and he looks injured... his arm...”

“Go.... go.... Star and I will watch the children..”

Laila races out of the room and outside. She doesnt stop until she throws herself in Ramjis arms.

Laughing her holds her close, “Mela... I told you I would be fine...  this is a scratch, nothing more.”

“It is bleeding more than a scratch. Rowan is here... and Star.... one of them should look at it.” Laila is worried, but relieved at the same time that no one among this group seems to have any serious injury.

“Is it done then? No more fighting for now?” Laila asks.

Ramji nods, “For now...” He looks behind him and sees Stoney coming through the wards, along with his kin. Keon had joined the Riders and Inari was the last to enter, her expression serious and thoughtful.

Laila glances from Inari back to Ramji as they head towards the back entrance of the Manse. “Did something happen? She doesnt seem very happy...”

“Losing Ghaunt weighs heavy... and the fact we all seriously underestimated the Drow and the number of forces at their disposal. This battle could very easily have gone the other direction....”

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