Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The steady rise and fall of Tannr's chest is reassuring. Tori watches the stars glittering above, keeping her thoughts hidden from everyone, especially the man currently holding her close in his sleep. Her fingertips trace over the scars on her wrist, toying with the small vipers Tannr had lovingly fastened around her wrist. She blinks back tears, as she remembers how her necklace was yanked from her neck.The hitch in her breathing is enough to bring Tannr out of his slumber.

His lips graze her ear and he murmurs softly. "Tori? What is wrong Rós Himinn?"

She stares up at the sky, seeking the moon whose soft glow is hidden behind the tops of some trees. Her voice is soft with the sadness of her hidden thoughts. "I keep thinking of the cell. Ardara shoved a little boy into that acid stuff, just to show me what it did." Tears slide down her cheeks. "It happened so fast.Tannr, there was no warning. He came at her call, carrying a large stone... and she just..." Her words break on a sob. "and I couldn't do a damn thing but watch in horror. Ignoring the guards was easy, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw that boy. I still do."

Strong arms tighten, letting her know he is listening. "Then you touched me, let me know you were coming" She shakes her head. "I kept thinking I was going to get you all killed. Why the hell did everyone allow Star to infiltrate the Drow? Seeing her face was a shock. When did Keon join their Assassin's Guild?" She turns on her side, favoring her bad hip and rising up to look at him. Moonlight brought out the golden reds in his coppery mane. Her fingers stroke an errant strand from his shoulder. "That damned woman won't let this go Tannr. Ardara will try to hunt us all down." She sighs and closes her eyes. "We thought Morgan was bad... Her sister is worse. Ardara has things at her disposal that Morgan could only think of in her nastiest dreams."

Tannr slides his hand along her shoulder, calloused fingertips tracing the thin scar along the base of her throat. He frowns, wondering why it didn't heal in her sleep. He had wondered the same thing about her wrists a time or two this night. Then her words sank in. "Sister?"

Tori nods, shuddering as Tannr's warm hand gently kneads the back of her neck. "Yes. Morgan and Ardara are sisters." The look on his face says it all. She doesn't need to feel the Fuck that echoes past her personal wards. "*Mo Chroí... If she has my necklace... a simple finding spell will let her track me. She..." The tears flow as a sob takes away her breath. Tannr holds her close, letting her weep.

He kisses the top of her head. Telling her the only things he could say.

"She can't have you. By Hel's icy wastes, I'll kill her first."

*My Heart

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