Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There is nothing to say. Tori stares at the small snake, emerald eyes glittering with tears. Her legs are unsteady as she stands, still staring at the pendant in her hand. The metal bites into the flesh of her palm as Tori grips it tightly. Her arms wrap around the delicate half fae, shaking with both relief and gratitude.

"I don't know if I should kill you for risking yourself, or thank you for helping to save my life." She swallows hard before continuing. "and this... this means... Star, she would have used it to find me. Not just me, all of us." Her voice drops to a whisper, the next words just for Star's ears. "Thank you Star. It was breaking my heart. It's the first thing Tannr gave me."

Her arms tighten, squeezing the breath from Star's lungs. Mya is suddenly there, kicking Tori in the forehead.

"'Nuff! You breakin' Star!"

Tori blinks. Star turns her head to spy Mya hovering just over her shoulder. She grins at the demifae's aggressive stance.

"She wasn't hurting me Mya. Tori is just not aware of her returning strength."

The fae purses her lips, looking the Gargoyle up and down. "Gettin' better, Rowan says, but still lookin like - "

Star cuts off the demifae.

"Tori can go home tonight if she keeps the food down."

A smile twists Tori's lips. Tannr takes the necklace from her and fastens it around her neck. Alise perches on the end of the bed. "Stoney says the street kids are waiting for Viper to come home. The Crows have been keeping an eye on everything for you, and one of the techies has been keeping the website going." She grins at Tori.

"They miss their... momma."

Tori shakes her head. "Stoney or Ob said that, right." Alise grins even harder.

Tannr's arm slides around Tori's waist as he helps her sit back down. "As much as I need to thank Mortuis and Silk for," Her hand gestures, taking in the room. "everything. I just want to go back home. I want..." She stops, looking around. Her hand slips into Tannr's and grips tight. "I need to be in my own space."

Alise and Star both nod. They have their own memories of being helpless. There is nothing like being surrounded by what is familiar to help overcome the fears that have made a home deep inside where no one else can see.

Alise gathers the tray and summons a sylph. The dishes are gone and the talk turns to catching up Tori on the children's antics, and messages from her people. Her brothers touch her mind. Ob and Pandora send her images of their little ones, helping them reach their aunt. Stoney lets her see the clay sculpting that was currently occupying the rest of the older children. She watches the little Fae boy as he fashions a rose. He looks at Tomas' sculpture and quickly squashes his own, quickly changing his into a small dog. She frowns, letting Stoney see what she saw.

"Star... who is the new child?"

The Fae woman smiles, telling her of bringing him out of Underdark. Tori shakes her head.

"Already you are becoming the mother of many stars..."

Star laughs and Alise winces. "Tomas caught your quick visit. He is pestering to come see you and has rallied the others. Now they figured out we were blocking you from them." She laughs. "Poor Re'mi."

Tori listens in, a smile spreading as her eyes flicker. "Let him bring them up... Um... make him wash then first?"

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