Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The sound of the jukebox can be heard as soon as Tori and Tannr begin to mount the steps. Tannr laughs at the mental howl when Tomas realizes they are almost at the main entrance.

Even with all the noise, Tomas' screech turns heads as he barrels for the main door, Robin right on his heels. The little Gargoyle takes to the air as Robin darts past Jeb.

"You take high, I take low?"

He grins as Tori nods consent. She pulls the door open and Tannr crouches to intercept the incoming. Tomas screams with glee as Tori catches him, rocking slightly on the spiked heels of her boots. Robin nearly eludes Tannr's arms, only to find himself snatched from the floor and thrown upwards. Tori plucks him from the air and the little boy yelps, then erupts into his whispery giggle.

Finally catching his breath, Tomas hugs his aunt. She hugs both boys tightly. Tannr lets the door drift shut behind them and guides the trio farther inside. Alise and Stoney meet them, disentangling Tori from her nephew and his friend.

"*Mon dieu, je suis désolé! Tomas let go of your aunt!"

Alise scolds her son as Stoney tries hard to hide his smile. Robin blushes, shaking his mop of shaggy hair over his eyes. The gesture startles Tori at first. It takes a moment for her to recognize it as Stoney's old habit. He hadn't done it much in the last few years, not since he had found his beloved Alise. The dark hair isn't long enough to hide his pale brown eyes, and he buries his head in Stoney's shoulder. The pointed tips of his pale ears peek out of the dark mop. Tori's eyes widen slightly and she sends a thought to the couple.


Stoney glances at Star, where she sits among the family, Ru nestled in her arms. Star brought him out of that... ~la terre sous le coup de fidèles d'araignée.

Alise strokes the boy's back. She shakes her head at Stoney, although she knows he is already shielding their conversation from the kids. Robin raises his head and peeks out at Tori, grinning unrepentently. Star said his mother was found. Tomas will be heartbroken when she comes for him. But for now... "They are inseparable. And sometimes drive me ^hors de mon esprit."

Tori laughs, small flames flickering in her deep green eyes. "They are little boys, Alise. If they were not keeping you on your toes you would worry."

A small quiet voice echoes through Tori's thoughts, You will feel the same when your own run you ragged...

Tannr's eyes meet hers, heat flaring as he sends a small caress along the personal path they have formed in the seclusion of the last few days.The kitchen doors swing open. There is a round of cheers as Ramji and Monty emerge with trays of food. The aroma wends its way through the crowded room, setting stomachs rumbling. Stoney and Alise set the boys down and they scamper to their chairs. The couples laugh and join their families as the food is served.

*My god, I am sorry!

~foul land of spider worshippers

^out of my mind.

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