Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eira smiles and thanks Rowan. She looks to Jack and leaning close kisses his cheek and whispers, “Sorry, I didnt mean to laugh... but it was pretty funny...”

Jack takes a drink and tries not to choke, nods his head, but not before Eira sees the red of his cheeks.

She reaches into a back pocket and pulls out a small business card, lavender in color and embossed with silver rune stones.

“Here... my cell is on there. Call me. I can get you in for a massage...its the least I can do to make up for my teasing...” With a grin Eira returns to the dance floor.

Jack watches as one of the guys lifts her to one of the small stages set up and she starts to dance, her hips moving suggestively. Her eyes watch him, hot and full of desire.

Suddenly Jack feels a hand on his shoulder and turns his head to see Raina, her own eyes taking in the sexy moves. “I think she has the hots for you Jack. Maybe you should take her up on it....”

Eira watches Raina speaking to Jack. She had met her once before, when Raina had asked about the Runes on her business card. Eiras thoughts drift back to Jack, wondering just what it was that had so strongly attracted her to him. Her gaze moves from where Jack was standing with Raina to the booth where he always sat and the woman sitting there in the shadows.

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