Saturday, November 26, 2011

K'thyri couldnt stop laughing from her spot on the dance floor with Gareth. “Leave it to Jack... a pretty girl comes on to him and he falls... literally...”

Leaving Gareth to the arms of a flirty shifter girl Ky approaches the couple still sitting on the floor. She extends a hand to Eira helping her up, then to Jack.

“What the hell are you trying to do Jack? Lots of rooms upstairs, most have beds, way more comfortable than the floor...”

“Like she would go with me..” Jack says under his breath, unaware that Wyldfae have extremely keen hearing.

“Maybe you should open your eyes and quit playing the fool... buy the girl a drink, since you almost squashed her...” Ky heads back to the dance floor, shaking her hips and moving to the music.

Before Jack can say anything Rowan is there, a drink in each hand. “Here, one for each of you...” She hands Eira a tall glass of something pink and then with a saucy grin she hands Jack a glass of whiskey. “You look like you might need this...” As she starts to walk back to Traeger she says quietly over her shoulder, “Maybe you two should sit down and get to know each other...”

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