Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The familiar sights of her neighborhood bring a bit of peace to Tori. As Tannr drives, she scans the streets watching for the familiar faces of her "kids".  Her heart lightens whenever she catches a glimpse. Tannr touches her mind, concerned at her heavy sigh.

I didn't realize how worried I was about the Streeters. It's not like they weren't taking care of themselves long before I met them.

Tannr reminds her that they are as much her Kin as any, since she took them in. She smiles. As they stop for a light, Tannr leans in to kiss her. Both jump at the light tap on her window. A face is pressed against the glass, framed by a pair of hands. Laughing, Tori unzips down the window, The minute the window is down, She is hugged fiercely. The streetkid bounds away, hand gesturing in the air. Tori smiles and zips the window back up.

"I expect Ike told them to watch for me."

Tannr grins and pulls out, only three more blocks and Tori is home.

She directs him to pull into the warehouse to park. As they pull up to the bay doors, one opens and a figure waves before it disappears from sight. In the dim light, Tori can see about a dozen figures waiting. As Tannr helps her from the Jeep, a young girl steps forward. She waits until Tori has her feet before moving closer. She sniffs the area around Tori, working closer as the gargoyle waits. Finally standing toe to toe, the girl grins a sharp toothed smile. There is a fluttering from the rafters. Three crows drift down, changing to human form as they land. Tannr watches as her "kids" come out of the dimness to welcome her home.

It is about a half hour later that they open the connecting door to her apartment.

As soon as Tori steps through the doorway, she breathes deeply. Tannr pulls the door shut behind them and Tori moves into the center of the living room. Tannr's arms slip around her from behind. Tori leans into his embrace, snuggling against his body. There is an instant reaction and she smiles at his groan.

"I promised no dancing on tabletops, no swinging from a chandelier." She looks up at the simple globe on the ceiling. "I don't have a chandelier." Tannr chuckles in her ear. "But I do have tables in a few rooms, and a bed," She laughs as Tannr sweeps her up in his arms.

The look on his face is intent. The heat in his eyes sending a shiver through her. As he lays her on the bed she cuos his face. "Remember, Rowan said to take it easy."

Tannr's lips twist into a wicked grin. "Oh I intend to take it slow." He kisses her gently. "Just lie still. I will undress you." It takes Tori a moment to realize he has already untied her sweatpants and is pulling them gently down her legs. Once removed, his hands slowly caress each leg, massaging her feet and the firm muscles of her calves before moving up her thighs. He teases, caresses, until Tori closes her eyes and relaxes. Her thighs drift open and Tannr lowers her head to slowly lick the tender flesh.

A sigh escapes Tori's lips as Tannr blows across her sex. Her hips lift on their own, offering her to him. His hands push her legs wider. Tori moans at the feel of his beard stubble as it scrapes across sensitized skin. Tannr holds her legs wide, keeping her captive as he explores her with lips, tongue, and teeth. Only when Tori is begging, does he slide a finger deep. His teeth, scrape along her clit as his finger explores her now well lubricated channel. Tori bucks, whimpering. He lifts his head, watching her writhe. Forcing a second finger into her clenching channel, his thumb rubs over her clit, nail flicking. Tori bucks again and Tannr laughs again. This time it is that low chuckle that means a man knows he is doing something they will both be enjoying. He lowers his mouth to her clit, sucking, nipping, teasing, as his fingers twist and thrust. He can feel her building as her body tightens, vaginal muscles clamping down.

Her breathing is shallow pants and whimpers. Tannr slows, lapping lightly at her clit. The motion of his fingers become lazy slides. Tori moans, trying to writhe and buck. Tannr holds her lower body still by moving his free hand across her pelvis and holding her down. Tori whimpers.

"Tannr... oh goddess... Tannr... please"

He growls something, the vibration against her clit sending tremors through her body.

"Please Tannr... so close!"

With a final kiss to her wet slit, Tannr slowly pulls his fingers from her soaked sex. Tori moans in frustration. Keeping himself out of reach, Tannr pulls his jeans and shorts down to his thighs, not bothering to remove anything else. He lifts Tori's legs, placing her calves on his shoulders. Keeping her lifted, Tannr leans forward, brushing the head of his cock against her slit. Tori hisses and tries to buck. Tannr presses forward, guiding himself inside. Tori writhes, wanting more.

"Please Tannr... fuck me..." her words turn to moans as Tannr slowly sheathes himself in her body. Tannr moans as her muscles pulse around him. He watches her eyes as he slowly strokes in and out. When he see the telltale flames flicker, he knows she is hovering on the edge. Bracing a hand on each side of her, he slowly withdraws. Bent as she is, Tori can only twist slightly, or rock her hips a small bit. She whimpers, opening her mouth to beg once more, and Tannr SLAMS deep. She screams, body bowing, and Tannr slams again. Her body explodes around him. her muscles clench tight as heat and wetness bathes his cock on each thrust. Tannr fucks her through the orgasm, only halting when she begs him to stop.

He grins, pausing to lower her legs. Tannr leans in, slowly stroking himself deeper again. He kisses Tori slowly, feeling her writhe around him. His lips follow her jaw line until he is whispering in her ear.

"Easy, Red... This is just the beginning."

Tori moans and grinds against him. "Damn Coppertop... You did miss me."

Tannr thrusts his hips again. "Mmmhmmmm, and we still have a few hours until dawn."

Tori grins, arching her back. Tannr slides his arms around her waist and rolls, bringing her up on top. She gasps as he pushes her upright. he bucks and her gasp turns into a moan.

"Ride me, Red"

The fires in Tori's eyes flare as she shifts her legs. Tannr moans as she moves, sucking in his breath when her hand closes around his balls. He moans softly. "Easy Red... We want me to last all night, right?"

A wicked grin makes his cock throb even harder. "No. I want to feel you explode in me. Then I'll just have to lick and suck until you are ready again. Think you can handle that Viking?"

Tannr arches his body, eyes closed as he thrusts up hard.

"Fuck yeah....."

Dawn finds them in the shower, Tori screaming through one last orgasm. Wrapped in towels, they move onto the enclosed balcony. Tori drops her towel and climbs up on her pedestal. One last kiss and Tannr steps back to watch as stone transforms her into his beloved chimera gargoyle. At the last moment, she turns her head to look at him. Her voice is low, a gravelly version of her normal low alto.

"See you tonight Mo Chroi"

Stone takes her, head turned toward him. He strokes her jaw, neck, and the outline of the viper on its chain.

"I'll be here."

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