Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pandora stretched... her movements sensual and meant to draw Obsidian's eyes to her. They had been finding time to mesh their lives back together since the rescue; time enough had passed for Pandora's delivery injuries to heal... and they were making up for lost time.

Pandora had just fed their son, and he lay sleeping in his cradle across the room... she had dropped her robe on the floor and moved toward her husband. Ob reached out and tweaked her nipple... it was still distended from his son's nursing; and she moaned as he cupped her breast in his hand... rubbing the nipple's surface with his thumb. Ob's manipulation brought drops of milk to the surface... and he licked it from her; murmuring... "Nectar of the gods."

It was still the early part of the evening, and Chloe was downstairs having her dinner and entertaining the riders that always sought the tavern after their rounds were done. Monty and Patti were trying to give the couple a respite from parenthood for at least a few brief hours. Ike was glad to help with Chloe... they had a strong bond; with Ike spending so much time at the tavern with Monty.

Pandora leaned into Ob... and he took her nipple in his mouth, gently circling his tongue around the tender surface.Pandora slid her hands down her husband's chest, she felt his manhood and took his cock in her hand... moving gently up and down she heard him draw his breath in as she caressed his balls. He sat up, twisting his hand in her hair and kissing her deeply "Mi Bruha... I didn't think it was possible to spin a spell stronger than you already have around my heart, but you have... I love you with all my being."

Pandora sighed and placed kisses down his chest as she pushed him back on the bed and trailed her hands down to again capture his manhood. Her mouth followed her hands and she licked around his cock, taking the head in her mouth and tasting him... sinking more of him down her throat as he moaned and sank a hand in her tresses. She felt his excitement grow as her hands caressed his balls and she quickened her pace... and soon he gave a guttural growl as his semen filled her mouth, Pandora licking it from his shaft as she withdrew her mouth.

Ob reached down and drew her up to him... kissing her deeply, tasting his seed on her lips as he flipped her on her back and rose above her.Pandora smiled a wicked smile and thanked the gods for his virility... for already he had a hard shaft twitching in anticipation as he stroked her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clit as he pushed a finger into her moist opening. Pandora moaned and said.. "Now my love... now, don't make me wait."... Ob chuckled at her discomfort and holding her legs up and away he thrust deep... holding still for a moment to feel her thrust up seeking more of him... and then he gave in to their mutual lust and began to fuck the hell out of her to her panting moans for more....

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