Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A few days later preparations are underway at the tavern for a celebration. The family is coming together for a celebratory meal in honor of Toris safe return and Teris birth. The kitchen is full of enticing smells, Ramji lending a hand in making some traditional Greek dishes. Ob and Stoney are helping set up for the karaoke stage for the college kids. The brothers have guitars and tambourines so the family can enjoy some music but have not set up the whole band. Their plan is to keep Tori from overdoing if at all possible. She has been well though and spending time with Tannr, her happiness and love for the Viking very apparent to the siblings.

Family starts to arrive and greetings all around are happy and boisterous.

Star and her family arrive and Robin makes a beeline for Tomas. Star smiles sadly, knowing Robins mother is coming soon. Inari will bring her in a day or two. Inari was also planning on attending the party but no one has seen her yet.

Star leans back against a wall, her form in the shadows as she holds Ruarc and watches the family, her family now too. Erik and Tannr smile, clapping each other on the back. Gracie and Mera greet each other and move to a small table, set up for the girls and their dolls.

Whispering to Ru Star tells him what all the people are doing and how much the family cares for and watches out for one another. He watches Stars face intently, blue going dark, taking in all that she says. Then Ru lays his head on Stars shoulder and points to Erik. “Daddy...”

Star kisses the soft blonde hair and smiles. My life is so perfect now, and so different from what it was before Erik came here...

“What are you doing hiding here in the shadows?” Star is startled out of thoughts by Rowan who has just arrived.

Star smiles a greeting and tells Rowan, “I was just thinking. I have a large family now. For so long I had no one, and then you took me in. And for a long time it was just you... and then I started helping you with the women and the babies. And then Erik came here....”

Putting her arms around Star and Ru Rowan grins. “Its amazing isnt it? How fast our lives can change? In the space of a breath, a stolen moment, the entire track of our lives can be tossed in a different direction.”

Looking over at Erik, Stars eyes turn pink with shades of purple around the edges. “I wouldnt change a thing if it meant getting to this point, being here with everyone, and Ru...”

A sudden commotion from under the tables startles both Rowan and Star but makes Ru laugh and squirm. Lobo and Wolf had been let in and were chasing Tomas and Robin. Somehow the entire group had gotten stuck under a table. Alise was grabbing a hold of some small feet and pulling, muttering in French. Raina started to laugh and said she could get panther to get them out. “Mon Dieu! Raina, dont you dare!”

Nick wandered over as Tomas and Robin were pulled out and his normally pale face went a little paler ant the sight of the boys t-shirts. Tomas was sporting a new Batman shirt of course Robin had a new one of his own, his namesake blazoned across the front.

“Is Jack here? This has to be his idea..” Nick looks around and finds Jack, sitting in a booth, Corona in hand.

“Lets join the group... this is a celebration after all...” Rowan leads Star into the light and towards the family.

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